Art makes art

linocut mountains

Started on a new linocut this week. It will eventually be a mountain landscape. Couldn’t resist these lil guys though. Doesn’t it look like a wave? Gotta love when a process to make one thing ends up making another.

Linocut sailboat

Here’s my second stab at linocuts – my favorite ole sailboat on the sea.

linocut sailboat linocut sailboat linocut print of a sailboat

I need to get better at my technique… I hope I am not spoiling the surprise, but someone requested something handmade for Christmas and they just may be getting a print…

Taking a stab at linocuts

A few weeks ago I went over to Atlantis art supply and picked up a few art supplies. Among them were some tools to make linocuts.

I’ve been interested in print making for a little while and wanted to try it out. I made this drawing of a wave and decided to give it a go.

linocut waves

When you make a linocut, you gouge out the places where you don’t want ink. Although my original drawing shows the waves dark, I thought I would try to just cut out my lines. Afterall, when a wave breaks, it’s quite foamy and white.

linocut process linocut process linocut process linocut process linocut process

It was definitely trickier than I had imagined! I think there’s a certain style of image that it lend itself to more readily. Here’s the second one I’ve drawn up to try…

linocut next