Running Buffalo

I found this breathtaking video of buffalo running along a road near Yellowstone on the internet today.

Some people think animals are evacuating out of Yellowstone because an eruption of the supervolcano there is imminent. Seems like there could be a few reasons for animals to get on the move, so who knows, but one things is for sure. Yellowstone National Park is a thing of unbelievable beauty. I hope I get to see it myself one day.

Herd of Human: connecting with strangers

I was waiting for the bus a few weeks ago, when it was still very cold. I was waiting at the stop with a young guy. We both kept changing sides of the bus stop so as to avoid the wind. We must have waited there for ten minutes, each performing this perfectly-synced but unchoreographed dance around the stop and its shelter. We’d catch each others’ eye every now and then and exchange a “oh this cold!” expression.

At last a bus trundled down the street towards us, but my heart sank and I let out a very audible sigh when I realized it wasn’t the one I needed. It was his though, so he stuck out his hand to wave it down, but as he heard my sigh, he began Continue reading

The Beauty of Human Drama

B E A U T Y – dir. Rino Stefano Tagliafierro from Rino Stefano Tagliafierro on Vimeo.

Rino Stefano Tagliafierro has animated classic paintings and curated them into this short video. It is totally stunning. It reminds me why we love art – human drama can be so beautiful.

The Rope Swing in Maine

Two summers ago I took a summer time trip to Maine with my two best friends to a tiny cabin on a tiny lake called Clearwater Pond. The super special thing about the cabin is that it sits right on the lake. So close in fact, that you can swing out into the lake from the rope swing on the porch. We really got our money’s wortha outta that thing.

I was cleaning up my harddrive this weekend and I came across my half finished video collage project of all those jumps. I’ve finally managed to get all the hilarious slow-mo shots of us splashing around into one video. There are even some beautiful and serene bits in there too!

JumpFlySwim from Susannah Bradley on Vimeo.

My favorite bit is how our slowed down cheers sound like whale noises.

Everyone’s Nipples Are Different.

The London Animated Film Festival is in town and reminding me of all the work I used to do! So here for your enjoyment is a video I made a few years back. It’s a short animated video about how all our bodies are different.

I asked friends and family to contribute a sentence or two to me, telling me some thing they didn’t like about their bodies. I animated them into a funny collection which is a gentle reminder that our own insecurities are often invisible and seem ridiculous (and hilarious!) to others.


Everyone’s Nipples Are Different from Susannah Bradley on Vimeo.