Super quick post-workout Vegan Protein Recipe

vegan protein packed dinner on the stove

I have been working out a lot lately – rock climbing, yoga, sailing, and running. I feel myself getting stronger, but I also feel a lot of sore muscles that aren’t used to this work! Sometimes those sore muscles start to crave the taste of fried chicken… This super quick, protein-packed vegan meal sorts me right out. Altogether, you get almost 52 grams of protein in this recipe (more than most women need in a day). I usually eat half of it in one sitting and save the other half for the next day. Even only eating half, gives you a nice protein punch, and it’s fast and easy to make.

The protein in this meal comes from its three main ingredients: quinoa, black beans, and peanuts. I love all these ingredients on their own, but combining them with some spices makes them even more delicious. Overall this recipe’s flavour is reminiscent of asian dishes as it is flavoured with soy sauce and ginger. I like adding the turmeric for its inflammatory properties. The cumin and thyme just add some heartiness I find, and the pinch of cinnamon just adds an unexpected boost to the other flavours. If you hate these spices, you can take them all out and just use soy sauce, but you’ll end up with a meal that tastes mostly salty.

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