A Walking Tour of Kreuzberg with Berlino Vintage

I am in Berlin this week for work (lucky me!!). I love Berlin because it is filled with big spaces, mixed architecture, public art, and a seemingly endless supply of interesting, young people. It feels so full of possibility and freedom. My colleague and vintage shopper extraordinaire, Emily of Berlino Vintage, takes us on a walking tour of her neighborhood, Kreuzberg!

kreuzberg walking tour map

I’m taking you on a nice Saturday walk through my Berlin neighborhood (I recommend doing this on a Saturday, because of the fleamarket. Also shops are closed on Sundays). I was born and raised in Berlin – something that you’ll not find that often – and have been living in Kreuzberg since 2007. Kreuzberg is quite a big district. It’s divided into two parts: Kreuzberg 36 and 61. The numbers stem from the old postal codes of those areas (i.e. 1000 Berlin 36). Kreuzberg 61 is the part I will walk with you.

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