How to use a Potato Stamp to decorate a tote bag

I love potato stamps. They are so simple, easy, and inexpensive, yet they produce really cool results.

MakeorBreakShop potato stamp bag


Let’s get to it!

potatostamp supplylist

For this project, you will need:

– tote bag

– fabric paint or ink

– knife & cutting board

– potato (preferably one that is “about to go”)

You may also want to wear gloves to protect your hands and put down newspapers on your work surface. Fabric paint has a way of getting on everything if you aren’t super careful…

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Celebrating Clouds

Been working really hard this weekend doing some new tutorials and writing up adventure posts. I managed to sneak in some time for some fun drawing too.

cloud bag


Put this together, inspired by a drawing I did earlier this year. Thankfully, the perma-clouds aren’t back in full force yet. But I have a feeling they are around the corner.

I hope we have good weather for the sailboat race tomorrow. There wasn’t much wind last week and it made for a pretty dull morning.