Links Round Up

What I have been looking at online this week…

Being one with the ocean is an incredible feeling. But it’s also terrifying. Its beauty and flow can easily turn into crushing, breath-taking energy. I’ve never managed to get my courage up enough to try surfing on a real wave, so I have nothing but mad respect for this unreal up-and-comer, a six year old shredder, Quincy Symonds, who is taking the surfing world by storm!

My new role model.

The London Film Festival is coming in October. There are so many good things to see, I’m having trouble deciding on what to go to.

Some new studies of Viking burials have revealed that half their warriors were ladies! OMG WHUT?

Pressure Drop is my favourite locally made beer in London. It can be hard to find though, so I was pretty excited to find this map on their site!

I have to admit, I had this same reaction to marmite…

Links Round Up

What I’ve been looking at online this week…

Feel like making things like this is somewhere in the near future for me…

This article in the NYTimes about making art for a living is super interesting. As I explore the idea (and consequences) of taking my own artwork more seriously, I wonder, how do artists make a living? What makes an audience member want to pay an artist? Are some of us more creative and insightful than others, such that we should pay those people to make art full time? Or is creating and making art such a fundamental part of everyone’s life that no one is paid to do it?

Just watched this sweet surfer movie with some pals this weekend.

PATAGONIA & NIXON present: COME HELL OR HIGH WATER (trailer) from NIXON Europe on Vimeo.

Links Round Up

According to this article, Ken Grossman, the founder of the Sierra Nevada brewery, seems like a pretty great guy. He makes a wonderful product and seems to care about his company’s environmental impact and his employees. Their video of wort fermenting is pretty epic. Beer is alive!

Drones enabling super speedy package delivery – scary. Drones enabling beautiful aerial shots of surfing – epic.

And while we’re talking about amazing new views made possible by new technology. Check out this aerial shot filmed by an unknowing bird who picked up an “egg cam.”