Walking Scotland

The beginning of this year isn’t going to have much travel in store for me. It’s a bit of a bummer, but also a bit of a relief. After last year’s 20+ trips, I’m pretty content to stay at in the UK with my head down, saving pennies and working on things on the home front for a few months.

Staying put for a moment also makes me all the more excited about the trips I do have planned. I’m starting to really dig into what a trip to Scotland might be like, and I can’t wait!

It will definitely be a trip full of walking and beautiful scenery. And this website, which details maps and routes, has got me so jazzed. I would love to see the Faery Pools, which boast unbelievable clear, aqua waters, majestic waterfalls, and delightful purple-leaved trees. Check out some of the images on Google. Unreal!