Links Round Up

I love everything about this kickstarter. It lets you hook up a plant to your computer and make music with its biorhythms. AHHH!

Paul Kingsnorth is a writer, philospher, futurist – I’m not sure what his own self-ascribed title would be, but he does a lot of thinking about the future, our present, and how to improve the former with the latter – or not. In this NYT profile, they focus a lot on his seeming lack of interest in active pursuit of change which reminds me a lot of some of Charles Eisenstein’s ideas: if there’s a small fire, of course use the fire extinguisher; if the house is engulfed in flames, using a fire extinguisher feels pretty silly.

This kind of thinking has left a lot of environmentalists and activists wondering, well what’s the next step then? And I think both Kingsnorth and Eisenstein suggest that when we know the right step to take, we will take it. Until then, it’s more about living in line with your own truth than acting to save the planet or change someone else’s mind.

Been thinking about summer holidays. And camping! These are some great tricks.

Music: Ben Frost

I’m very lucky to have interesting friends and acquaintances. One of them recently introduced me to the work of Ben Frost, an Australian composer and producer now based in Iceland who creates experimental music. Not all of it is as dreamy as what I’ve posted above, but I find this style of his music is a perfect compliment to make art to or meditate.

I’ve been reading “The Artist’s Way” with a dear friend and have again been introduced to the idea that creating is a spiritual act. By whatever name you choose to call the universal energy (“God” or otherwise), it is undoubtedly a creative force (what has it not created afterall?). Being creative means tapping into that flow. All that to say, it’s no surprise that music for one fits music for the other.

If you’re in London next weekend, go check out Ben and my buddy Greg playing at Village Underground on the 26th.