Harvest time

Ate the first leaves off my lettuce plants. YUM! Feels so awesome to have grown some food myself.

homegrown lettuce on a sandwich

I grew this in a small box on my window sill. It seems to have been a great strategy since the front of the house faces south (but has no garden to speak of) and the added height means snails and slugs aren’t tempted to snack on my plants.

I may transplant everything to the front window sills!

Links Round Up

What I’ve been looking at online this week…

The lettuce is nearly ready!

I watched this TED talk by Benoit Mandelbrot, a mathematician who has made amazing discoveries in the field of “roughness” as he calls it and fractals. “Bottomless wonders spring from simple rules, which are repeated without end.” What a beautiful world we live in.

East End Film Festival is coming in just a few weeks! There are some super interesting looking films in the line up! Belladonna of Sadness in particular looks like a wild trip.

This fashion design project designed swimsuits for women who had survived breast cancer – some really interesting ideas, performances, photography, and reclaiming of the body going on here.

The lettuce is safe.

Even with all these pests eating the kale, beans, and strawberries, they’ve left all the lettuce alone. I don’t understand it at all and it makes me wonder if the lettuce is no good to eat.

There’s not a single hole in the lettuce leaves!