Rhinestone Friendship Bracelets (no hardware)

A few weeks ago, I put together a tutorial for making a rhinestone friendship bracelet. It used rhinestone chain crimps which can be really tricky to find. So I’ve made a new version of the tutorial that does not use the crimps.

rhinestone no crimps

I am planning on making about a million of these as Christmas presents!

You can buy the set of supplies for this project in my online shop, MakeOrBreakShop.

How to make a Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet

I saw a tutorial on a rhinestone bracelet the other day, but I wanted to try it out with embroidery floss because I have loads of it from my days making friendship bracelets. The floss lends itself to weaving in between the stones and adds a spicy pop of color.

This tutorial uses rhinestone crimps which can be tricky to find. To make a bracelet with only floss and rhinestone chain, check out this tutorial instead.

DIY rhinestone bracelet

These make great Christmas presents for your besties!

Find the supply set in my online shop, MakeOrBreakShop.


I stopped by the stationery store on the way home today and picked up a few supplies including push pins, which I was intending to use to put up photos, but when I got home I saw this:

A very unorganized jewellery shelf

What a mess. Why is my tape measure sitting on my jewellery shelf?

I used a couple of the push pins to string up necklaces. I also removed anything that didn’t seem like it should really be there… like a tape measure.

A very tidy jewellery shelf

It’s really so easy to be organized and tidy. Why do we fight it so?


I also finally got around to tacking up a couple of my photos and prints on the wall. Starting to really feel like home now!

photos above the mantel