Links Round-up

This is what I’ve been looking at online this week…

It’s the first few days of the new year and my goal list is looking a bit bigger than I’d thought when I wrote it… I decided to parse it out into monthly goals for a more specific focus. But looking at my monthly list, I can already tell there are things on there that I am dragging my feet with and we’re only two weeks in! In this TED interview with professor Kelly McGonigal at Stanford, she suggests people make the wrong resolutions, resolutions which are things people feel they must do instead of want to do, and therefore set themselves up for failure. Luckily, everything on my list is actually something I want to do, but it’s a good reframing. Anytime I feel my feet dragging, I am going to remind myself that I want to do this!

For all my sailor friends… at work we were talking about how to cure motion sickness and seasickness and this article from the NY Times came up. Many comrades also suggested ginger pills which I’d never heard of. Do they really work?

Every now and then I get reminded that sugar is bad for you. Like this video. What happens in your brain when you eat sugar, by the folks at TEDed. Thinking about adding a goal to the list that is one day no sugar for a month. Then two days no sugar for the next month, and so on until I’m not eating sugar 5 days a week. With diabetes in the family, it seems like a good idea.

I’m kind of addicted to tumblr. I have set up my feed so it’s full of hot dudes doing yoga, inspiring art, and amazing travel photography. I like breezing through it in the morning to set a positive tone for the day. And of course, I reblog all the gems, if you want to follow along…

Hit Record is Joseph Gordon Levitt’s open, collaborative production company. It’s a production company in that they produce media like films, music, books, and now TV (see below). But it’s unique in that the contributors to this project come from all over the world and find one another in online collaborations on the HitRecord site. It’s sort of crowd-sourced/community creativity, wrangled together by the likes of JGL. Did I mention collaborators get paid? Anyway, I love this idea. Check out the first episode of their new TV show below (released this week!) or hit the site for loads more awesomeness.

What have you been looking at this week?