Links Round Up

What I’ve been looking at online this week…

I’m fresh back from a lil microadventure weekend to Cornwall to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. Who knew the UK was full of such beautiful beaches? We had an awesome surf adventure and it was such a good reminder that you don’t need to take any time off to have a great mini adventure. I think Alastair Humphreys would agree.

I’m loving getting lost in the Do Blog/Magazine. They do great round ups of other folk’s writing on people DOing great things. Great place to go to get inspired for a trip, making art, or doing a good deed.

This is old, but always worth a watch; Overview Effect of seeing the planet from space. We are all one!

Been wandering around this new content platform, Medium, made by the creators of Blogger. I have high hopes; it’s an open, online magazine that focuses on great writing. This some great powerful stuff from outsider voices like this piece.

And finally a video from the Hiut Jean makers here in the UK. Their town used to make jeans, but the factory closed. These guys are bringing it back. I love the idea of sustainable, handcrafted production with quality materials. I would love to spend a little bit more money to buy something that really lasts, that isn’t planned to wear out in six months. Makes me want to do a post every month on what I’ve bought…

New Art Inspirations

So much good stuff happening in the creative world lately. These 3D printing/drawing pens blow my mind. I want one! Unfortunately this one isn’t shipping until December, but I’ve just bought the 3Doodler and I cannot wait to get it. I have so many ideas for it.

This is so beautiful. Super inspiring in its emotion and technique. Good art.

And then there’s this guy who has really playful photography work called Moon Games. Some of it is really silly and some of it is quite poignent. Most if it just seems really fun.

Samantha Keely Smith‘s abstract ocean paintings just blow me away. They are so gorgeous. I want one for over my bed.

Samantha Keely Smith



Music: Ben Frost

I’m very lucky to have interesting friends and acquaintances. One of them recently introduced me to the work of Ben Frost, an Australian composer and producer now based in Iceland who creates experimental music. Not all of it is as dreamy as what I’ve posted above, but I find this style of his music is a perfect compliment to make art to or meditate.

I’ve been reading “The Artist’s Way” with a dear friend and have again been introduced to the idea that creating is a spiritual act. By whatever name you choose to call the universal energy (“God” or otherwise), it is undoubtedly a creative force (what has it not created afterall?). Being creative means tapping into that flow. All that to say, it’s no surprise that music for one fits music for the other.

If you’re in London next weekend, go check out Ben and my buddy Greg playing at Village Underground on the 26th.