Walking Scotland

The beginning of this year isn’t going to have much travel in store for me. It’s a bit of a bummer, but also a bit of a relief. After last year’s 20+ trips, I’m pretty content to stay at in the UK with my head down, saving pennies and working on things on the home front for a few months.

Staying put for a moment also makes me all the more excited about the trips I do have planned. I’m starting to really dig into what a trip to Scotland might be like, and I can’t wait!

It will definitely be a trip full of walking and beautiful scenery. And this website, which details maps and routes, has got me so jazzed. I would love to see the Faery Pools, which boast unbelievable clear, aqua waters, majestic waterfalls, and delightful purple-leaved trees. Check out some of the images on Google. Unreal!



Majorca :: Part Two

I spent a couple of days in Majorca in October. The first bit of the trip we stayed in Palma (explore Palma with me here). The second bit of the trip, we rented a car and headed into the hills.

We drove around Soller at first, but it wasn’t quite the country escape that we wanted. There were loads of tourists there and also in the nearby port town. My boyfriend knew a little cafe in the nearby town of Deia so we decided to backtrack a bit to get lunch there instead. We parked and walked up a little hill to what looked a bit like someone’s house. Walking through a stone arch, you pass under an arbor covered in rich green, flowering vines, and are then led to your table. We were sat in the shade of a lime tree and an olive tree next to a stone wall. It could not have been more charming. We shared a delicious freshly-made pasta and salad (with more rosado of course).

After lunch, we thought we would head to Port De Sa Calobra. This is tourist destination because of its stone beach, hugged on either side by tall cliffs. And the road to get there is as much of a sight as the beach itself! The road climbs up a mountain and then down and is therefore a series of switchback turns, of which there are so many, I lost count.

road to calobra

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Climb to Indian Head

The man and I went hiking up Indian Head mountain this weekend. It was about a five mile hike. It took us all afternoon to climb the 1500’+ up and then down. We saw some beautiful sites. Like this lovely view of the Catskills.

Yeah, we did get rained on a little.
We also saw three snakes. Including this guy.
I nearly stepped on his friend when we came upon a sunny rock over looking the mountains. We wanted to stop and eat our lunch there, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw a snake slither into the bushes, which prompted us to look around a little and that’s when we saw this fellow. I believe this and the other snake are both harmless garter snakes, but we weren’t sure at the time. Plus that first snake ended up coming right back out of the bushes to check us out, so we felt like we were encroaching on their territory.
We saw another snake at the next vista, which I think was probably a ribbon snake because it had yellow stripes. But any way you cut it, these snakes really messed up our lunch plans. We had to stop in the woods on a damp, shady rock.