The lettuce is safe.

Even with all these pests eating the kale, beans, and strawberries, they’ve left all the lettuce alone. I don’t understand it at all and it makes me wonder if the lettuce is no good to eat.

There’s not a single hole in the lettuce leaves!

It’s not snails.

So the egg shells did not work. I moved the strongest pot of kale inside in the hopes that whatever was munching through the leaves was an occasional visitor that would no longer be able to eat a free lunch with the plants inside.
Well, sadly I was wrong. Seems the lunchers have actually taken up residence  on the underside of the leaves. Most of the bugs are a slivery, white color, but this guy had spots.
I washed all of the bugs off when I discovered them, but alas, they seem to have come back in even great numbers!

After a bit of internet research, it appears these are aphids. This article suggests sprtizing the leaves with a water/soap (like Dr. Bronner’s) solution. That will be the next thing to try!

It’s been a hot July.

Well July has been a very hot month in the UK. Since I was in the US, I relied on my flatmates to water the plants. Unfortunately the heat still go to most of my plants. Including the lovely strawberries my aunt gave me for my birthday.

I’ve been nursing the roots back and this one shows signs of life! But something is eating it too. UGH.

Beans and Kale

The beautiful kale plants have begun to find their mature shape. From between their initial seedling leaves are spouting distinctive curly-edged shoots.
I love watching the transformation in the plants. Only a few days ago, it would have been hard to tell what this plant was going to be, with it soft, anonymous seedling leaves. Now its kale-y-ness it undeniable as a very tiny spike-crowned leaf is appearing.
This is my first year growing plants from seed. I hope I don’t fall so in love with them that I can’t eat them.
Beautiful things continue to appear in the garden like these delicate pinky-purple flowers on tall stalks.
I’m also happy to report that at least one of the four enormous white bean seeds that I planted directly into earth has taken root and is growing by leaps and bounds – much faster than its potted brothers. Can’t wait to help it find its way to the trellis soon!


It’s been a pretty chilly spring here in London. I tried to start seeds outside mid-May since the frost was over, but they just wouldn’t come up. So I started some seeds inside about a week later to supplement the later-bloomers.
Well they are both finally coming up. I’m so excited that my little seedlings are finally getting stronger! I can’t wait to eat them. 😉
Here you see Siberian Kale in the foreground, curly kale next to it and a green basket of lettuce seedlings in the rear.

I also noticed my strawberry plant is getting its first fruits! YUM!