Links Round Up

What I’ve been looking at online this week…

The lettuce is nearly ready!

I watched this TED talk by Benoit Mandelbrot, a mathematician who has made amazing discoveries in the field of “roughness” as he calls it and fractals. “Bottomless wonders spring from simple rules, which are repeated without end.” What a beautiful world we live in.

East End Film Festival is coming in just a few weeks! There are some super interesting looking films in the line up! Belladonna of Sadness in particular looks like a wild trip.

This fashion design project designed swimsuits for women who had survived breast cancer – some really interesting ideas, performances, photography, and reclaiming of the body going on here.

Garden Update

In my new house in Clapton, I have a sweet lil garden. It wasn’t very well tended, but I went in this past weekend and cleaned it up! I weeded the sunny portion and cleared out all the garbage and broken glass.

spring in my english garden

I’ve also planted my birthday strawberries (pressie from my lovely aunt) and a tomato along side seeds for beans, peas, basil, kale, marigolds, borage, and nasturtium. I’ve also got a window sill box full of lettuce.

Hope I haven’t been too optimistic and jumped the gun… We shall see!

We’ve got holes.

Someone or something is eating all my plants! It’s really bumming me out because the bugs seem to enjoy all my favorite vegetables as much as I do.

They have already destroyed the three giant white bean plants I had going and now they have started into the Kale. I was advised if it was slugs, I should put crushed up egg shells around the plants. The shells are too pointy for the slugs to walk on, so they won’t cross the barrier.

Lets hope it works!