Music: Jessica Pratt

I am calling out to you from the nother place
Words mean more that they did before in that other place

In the time before us
There was a time before us
In the time before us

If you leave here you had better know which way you had better go
Because you know which way the spirit goes

Time was longer than when we were in that other place
Wills were harder than ever than in that other place

In the time above us
In the time below us
In the time between us

Sinse you’ve left here you had better show which way does the spirit go
Because you left you know which way it goes

Music: Jesse Woods

I really like listening to this guy at work or while cooking. He’s got a sweet, mellow way of singing that makes him deliver good and bad news all with the same delightful lilt. Plus, how could you not like an album called “Get Your Burdens Lifted?”

Also, he’s from Texas. ‘Nuff said.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m doing all this world traveling, sailing, working an important office-type job for a big company, when really, I’m just a cowgirl, waiting to get back home to my pony, my dog, and my cowboy…