Art for my new flat

Moving house is always a fab opportunity to buy new art! I am thinking about moving in the next couple of months, so I will have a whole new place to decorate, and I’ve had my eye on these beauties…

Check out the almost excruciating detail in this awesome woodcut.

Tugboat Printshop Overlook Woodcut

This gorgeous woodcut took the Tugboat Printshop three years to make. I am saving my pennies because it costs $1000, but it is so beautiful.

Samantha Keely Smith is another favourite of mine that I am saving for. I could get lost in her tremendous, abstract works which meditate on the sea. I’m praying she will do a print run one day.

Samantha Keely Smith

How amazing would that look over your sofa? Or over your bed? One day, when I a Real Adult who spends ten grand on a piece of art, I will get one of her paintings, and I will love it my whole life.

This one is a sort of sculptural, relief of plants that is made as a tile with plaster. Handmade here in the UK by an Etsy shop called Tactile Studio. Lovely colours.


Also one to save for, as it’s £1400, but I just love all the details of the plants and its texture.

Of course, I’ll need something to remind me of my roots, so something like this lovely cactus watercolour by Etsy shop Arminho should do the trick!


And how could I do without a nice photo of the mountains?


Love the misty clouds in this one of the Alps by Adele Photography on Etsy.

I may have to go ahead and get a couple of Pedro Covo‘s delightful swimmer paintings. They are just abstract enough and have a beautiful colour pallet (I hear that pale pink is so in for 2016 interiors!).


What’s on your art wish list?

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Introducing my new online shop!

It’s been many years in the works, and lots of hard work in the last six weeks, so I’m very excited to announce my new online shop, Cry Me A River. I’ll be selling A4 sheets and handkerchiefs with my screen printed river silhouette drawings.

I’m very luck to have already made a few sales, so this week I’ve been hard at work getting my first orders ready to go!

screen printing hands cry me a river shop customization

It would mean so much to me for you to check out my shop and help me spread the word about my new venture! I have rivers from New York, London, Paris, and Texas so far, and will be adding many more as I go.

Paris Market Finds

Europeans just have better junk than Americans.

I enjoy thrifting and market-going, but I have to say, it’s just so much easier to find great, old stuff in European markets than it is in America. In America, “old” is so new, it’s not uncommon to go to a flea market only to find yesterday’s junk instead of vintage treasures. In Europe, however, “old” really means something.

My best friend for university lives in Paris now and I was lucky enough to sneak in a quick visit on a 24 hour work trip a few weeks ago. We went to a Sunday market that had set up on a street near Montmarte and I found a super cute set of brass bucks for a bargain price!

vintage brass deer from a parisian market

They are so cute! I was going to set up a vintage shop on Etsy and include these guys, but I like them so much, I’m having a hard time putting them up for sale. I do like the idea though… if I opened a vintage shop, then I could go to markets every weekend, buy amazing things, and get to share them with those who aren’t quite as close to the treasure trove of European markets! Stay tuned…

New shoes for me!

I have really been loving the little brown oxford trend in London. I’ve been wanting to get a pair for myself because it’s so easy to make any outfit look classier by adding stylish oxfords.

I am always keen to support small creative businesses, so I took a look on Etsy for something to fill the void in my closet. Low and behold I found this fab shoe shop in Greece, called TheDrifterLeather.



When you order them from their Etsy shop, they ask for your shoe size, but you also send them your actual feet measurements. They custom make each pair, so they can tweak them to fit you perfectly!

I have never had a custom-made pair of shoes so this all feels so decadent, and yet, they are so affordable. I cannot wait to get these!

Finds: for Jenn

Jenn is an adventurous lady. She gave me a bear-claw shaped stone as a parting-from-NY gift. Saw these gold-dipped shark teeth necklaces on Etsy today and it reminded me of her!

From the shop TalaStone in California.