Full Moon Creativity

The full moon this weekend really sparked my creative drive. Got a bunch of drawings done. Here are my favourite two:

pink mandala by slbradley teal mandala with triangles by slbradley

I also tried to make a pair of panties out of some new silk I bought recently. But it’s proving trickier than I anticipated to work with…


My mom asked me to help find my brother’s charger. “What kind of phone is it?” I asked. “Oh, he doesn’t have an iPhone. It’s one of those other ones. You know, a druid phone.”

druid phone

We did not find the charger.

Let’s talk about getting older and boobs

So I’m not quite 30 years old yet. That’s not very old. And yet I have noticed my body changing in ways that I was not expecting for a few more years…


Why didn’t any one tell me about this? Is this happening to anyone else?

Size has not changed. Shape has not changed. There’s just a mysterious, over-night 3″ drop. Can I prevent this from continuing? Is this going to happen to some other part of me next?

Sunday Summary

This week on the blog..

glendalough wicklow ireland

Everyone’s Nipples Are Different.

The London Animated Film Festival is in town and reminding me of all the work I used to do! So here for your enjoyment is a video I made a few years back. It’s a short animated video about how all our bodies are different.

I asked friends and family to contribute a sentence or two to me, telling me some thing they didn’t like about their bodies. I animated them into a funny collection which is a gentle reminder that our own insecurities are often invisible and seem ridiculous (and hilarious!) to others.


Everyone’s Nipples Are Different from Susannah Bradley on Vimeo.