Feeling the flow

geometric work from Susannah Bradley

The past week has really rocked my world. I had a really inspiring experience last weekend that left me wide open to (and wide-eyed at) the infinite possibilities of the universe. I guess it’s easy for us all to feel like we have boxed ourselves into a certain life, but the truth is we choose every moment; even complacency is a choice. If you aren’t choosing “Hell yes!” for most of your life, what are you choosing?

With all this infinity floating around, how do you know where to go though? Eisenstein says self-discipline and struggle are memes of the old cultural story. If you align yourself to the flow and listen, you’ll find the right place. I have seen some glimpses of that this week and can I just say how amazing it feels to find that groove?

Coming home a bit tipsy from work drinks, I met a woman on the train Thursday. She sat next to me, and we just chatted about London and how great it is, how much we both loved the cold, rainy day we’d just had. Some guys sitting next to us, cheekily asked if we also loved weirdos on the train, and we were both enthusiastically in agreement, that yes we loved talking to weirdos on the train. I was like, “This is it man. This right here. This is the best part of London.” And she was like, “I’ll probably never see you again.” I nodded in agreement. “It doesn’t even matter. This is the good stuff.” We kept chatting, nearly everyone on the train joined in at some point. And as I got up to leave, she said, “It was so great meeting you. Good luck with you artwork!”

That would not have seemed momentous had we talked about art or what I did at all during our chat. But we hadn’t. It came completely out of nowhere. I have no idea why she thought I as an artist. But she did! That felt really nice. Like I was in the right place. I don’t even have to claim that “artist” title for myself, people just see it.

The ideas are coming fast and furious now! I’ve been drawing a lot of mandala, sacred-geometry-inspired things lately (as above) which has been such a fun practice in listening. I’ll start out looking at something someone else has created and think, “oh yes, I like concentric circles” and just start drawing. And then I’ll pause, take a look at what I’ve got and then, “hmm, I think this needs triangles.” And I’ll start to look at where to put a triangle and then think, “or maybe it actually needs more circles.” And at some point it feels finished and I stop drawing. I have really struggled making drawings like this in the past, but it feels so natural this time.

I have two really awesome ideas about where to take these drawings and the himmeli sculptures. I cannot wait to dig into this project more! It feels so good to have artistic projects that I’m really excited about.

There are some other ideas too. Not as developed yet, but bubbling. Tomorrow, I’m going to meet with an artist/friend whose studio is just down the block from my house. It feels really good to be getting back into a creative community.


French Lessons

Being in Paris and hearing the beauty of French all around my ears renewed my interest in speaking it better. I had about eight years of classes when I was in school, but somehow managed to come away from that intensive study able to speak well but not understand much.

Lucky for me, one of my flatmates is French and indulges me by speaking French with me on Tuesdays. Every so often, he gives me lessons on slang, or l’argo.

french lessons

I particularly enjoy the expression “les carrottes son cuites,” meaning “the carrots are cooked,” or “what’s done is done.”