Links Round Up

What I’ve been looking at online lately…

Skateistan is such a cool organisation – connecting kids to education through skateboarding. They offer opportunities to boys and girls to get involved in skateboarding in Afghanistan among other places. Such a good idea!

My favourite soap maker here in the UK, Bon Soaps, is moving away and so I’ve been thinking about making my own soap. Doing all the research, I’ve stumbled upon recipes for make-up too! Can you imagine, making your own mascara? I might give it a go…

Did you know that virgin births are a thing? I had no idea. Several have been seen in the animal world, including multiple ones by a shark. It’s called parthenogesis. Whoa.

Electronic art is so rad. I love the intersection of science/math and creativity. You get crazy things like this oscilloscope drawing.

Himmeli Planters

himmeli air plant holder with spanish moss

A few weeks back, I put together a tutorial on how to make your own himmeli. These beautiful, geometric sculptures were originally created out of straw and meant as Christmas decorations. Their simple elegance is beautiful all year round though, and they make a wonderful addition anywhere you hang them.

I went a step further and bought a few air plants to put in them this past week. I got three different types. Here a small Ionantha Fuego Clump finds a new home in my triangular himmeli design.

himmeli air planter

The spanish moss (aka Usneoides) also works beautifully! I got a big clump of it and separated it into a few bits. The little arms are happy to wrap around the himmeli straws or just hang out on their own. 

himmeli air planter with spanish moss

I also got a Bergeri (not pictured) which is quite at home as well. I def recommend adding air plants to your himmeli. They are easy to care for because they just need a spritzing each week. There are also air plant fertilizer sprays you can use once a month. They do appreciate a soaking once a month too, but that’s pretty much all the care they require. 

Himmeli DIY

Make your own Himmeli!

Beautiful, geometric himmeli are a traditional Christmas ornament, but they are just so lovely, why not hang them in your window and enjoy them all year long? They are so simple to make. All you need is a package of non-flexi straws.

learn to make a himmeli

Vegan Valentines – Peppermint Candy Hearts for your sweetie

vegan candy hearts

Valentines Day is a wonderful excuse to make super cute things for people you love. I was thinking about making my own conversation hearts, but I really don’t like the way they taste. Then I found this super cute peppermint candy how-to over on the Etsy blog! It was a great start, but I wanted to see if I could make it vegan. Turns out, yes you can!

vegan candy hearts for valentines day

So how to make the candy? Continue reading

Sunday Summary

This week on the blog…

I’ve also journeyed westward across the ocean back to the New World to get in some quality time with my family over the Christmas break. I spent a great week in Brooklyn with my American colleagues and friends, and now I’m back at my mum’s house in Texas.

Yes, I have already eaten a fat slice of New York pizza, a delicious bagel the size of my face, a taco dinner, and two margaritas.

It’s good to be back.

Spice up that jumper

You know when you go to the craft supply store and you buy the jumbo pack of embroidery floss? Because then you have one of every colour and it just saves you so much money… And you go home with your purchase, happy because now you can do your embroidery project worry free; you have all the colours and you aren’t going to run out. And then you finish your project and look at the jumbo bag of thread you have, and suddenly realize that you now have enough embroidery floss to circle the globe four times…

So I’ve been looking for ways to use up the plentiful stock I have. I did a project earlier this year on how to make a friendship bracelet with a bit of rhinestone chain and some floss. I got this idea off Pinterest and decided to give it a go: do a quick stitch around an element of a knitted sweater you want to highlight.

make or break sweater diy

I got this jumper off Etsy. If you are looking for an vintage jumper, it’s a great place to start.

Rhinestone Friendship Bracelets (no hardware)

A few weeks ago, I put together a tutorial for making a rhinestone friendship bracelet. It used rhinestone chain crimps which can be really tricky to find. So I’ve made a new version of the tutorial that does not use the crimps.

rhinestone no crimps

I am planning on making about a million of these as Christmas presents!

You can buy the set of supplies for this project in my online shop, MakeOrBreakShop.