My things came!

This weekend my things finally arrived from London. Among the 30 or so boxes was my bed, my bicycles, my artwork, and my art supplies. What a sight for sore eyes! I couldn’t believe how happy it made me to reconnect with my belongings. It was like Christmas unwrapping each item from its box. “Which item will this be?” I wondered, delighted. “Ahh it’s this thing!” and all the lovely, warm feelings of familiarity washed over me.

Some bittersweet memories too, as some things reminded me of things I was really sad to leave in London. There were little bits of paperwork and other nuisances that made me cringe and reminded me of a life I was happy to leave, but for the most part, my items brought me a lot of joy.  It is particularly great to have all my art supplies back and all my art work, which I have hung up around my house. The sewing machine went to the repair shop today (the bobbin winding function is not working, much to my dismay), but as soon as it’s back… watch out!

I also cannot contain my excitement at having my bikes back. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to rain every day this week, so I don’t think there’s a commute in my future this week, but I’m looking forward to it soon.

It was so nice to set up my bed and put my sheets on it. And that first sleep – ahhhhh. So good to have a real bed back. It’s funny how we take these little pleasures of life for granted. And then you get them back and it feels so luxurious.

I have to say though, all this delighting in earthly possessions has made me wonder if I am more of a consumer than I thought I was. I’m surprised I am so attached to things, but indeed as I have filled up my new place over the last few weeks and now that I have all my things from London, I can’t help but feel more comfortable and at home. How is it that things can do this?

I’ve always thought buying a lot of stuff is kind of toxic – bad for the planet and just unnecessary. But now that I am so happy to back with my things, I find it an interesting paradox. Maybe I just want to advocate for buying good stuff?

Links Round Up

This links round-up post is dedicated to my brother, who sent me most of these links this week.

When he and I were kids, we used to write notes on the sugar packets in restaurants that said, “Help I’m trapped in a sugar factory!” as a joke. Turns out it’s not a joke. What kind of crazy world are we living in anyway?

Anyway, I had an incredible experience in human connection this past week that moved me to ask others for their stories about human connection, the universe, and the allness. My brother did not disappoint and gave me lots of interest things to look at too…

This RSAnimates video talks about mirror neurons. When we perform an action, our brain goes through a lot of complex processes. Turns out, when we watch someone do the same action, our brain still does the same processes even though we aren’t doing the action ourselves, ergo, empathy is hard wired into our brains. That’s pretty awesome. The video suggests this is a very good thing for our philosophical/cultural evolution. Just watch it:

I’m so excited about all the ways we are going to be making music in the near future. Like with these gloves. If I had any talent for making melodies, I would buy these immediately. I would love to give a dance/song performance with these. If I know any composers who want a dancer to collaborate with, I’m volunteering!

Relationships are hard. Do any of us have faith in monogamy anymore? Suggested reading from a confessed polyamorist I know: The Ethical Slut 

Also, unrelated to my brother, but I loved reading about this artist’s experience in a co-op bed-and-breakfast run by artists. What a good idea! Who wants to do it with me?