Celebrating Clouds

Been working really hard this weekend doing some new tutorials and writing up adventure posts. I managed to sneak in some time for some fun drawing too.

cloud bag


Put this together, inspired by a drawing I did earlier this year. Thankfully, the perma-clouds aren’t back in full force yet. But I have a feeling they are around the corner.

I hope we have good weather for the sailboat race tomorrow. There wasn’t much wind last week and it made for a pretty dull morning.

It is what it is.

I got out the old tablet tonight to work on the shop logo, but I’m a bit rusty. All my letters look like kid’s handwriting! But instead of getting frustrated, I just went with what I really wanted to draw.

This one is a rainbow having a lot of fun on a trampoline.

This one is two clouds in England drinking tea together.

I sometimes struggle with the pull between being disciplined and going for my goal, and doing what I feel inspired to do or what I want to do. But I think sometimes doing what you feel inspired to do does actually help get you to your goal, it’s just not always obvious the route you are taking to get there.