The New Forest is Magical!


I had the supreme delight of visiting the New Forest at the end of September. What a magical place! It’s not quite as wild as some of the forests I’ve hiked around in New York, but it is filled with quiet beauty, verdant life and ponies at every turn. What’s not to love?

The man and I rented a car and went down for a long weekend (side note: I drove on the left for the first time – SO PROUD!). We stayed at an AirBnB in Brockenhurst, which I can highly recommend. The house was decorated in calm colours like pale teal. They had delightful accents like one wall in a wallpaper that had a delicate gold pattern or this geometric pattern painted on the stairs.


Our host was an old salt who used to be a professional sailor. He also ran a chandlery until retiring to run his AirBnB. He was delighted when he found out we were both sailors as well and gave us loads of great advice on how to best explore the area on our short visit.

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Welcome home, baby!

Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time.

My flatmate sent me a bike advertisement that her friend put up on Facebook. It wasn’t quite what I was looking for, but since I was on the site already, I did a quick search. This lil beauty had just been posted and the seller offered to bring it to East London. This solved both the problems I’d been having finding a bike: getting the right size and finding one in a place where I could easily pick it up.

He brought it right to my office! After a quick test ride, I noticed the rear brakes were a bit spongy and the gears were a bit sticky, but the wheels were true and the frame was solid. I talked him down.

I took it on the train a fair way, to get through central London and then rode from West Brompton. The streets were pretty quiet. It actually wasn’t hard staying on the left at all.

I definitely need some more practice to get the balance of this new bike and I need to do some maintenance on it. But I am so happy! The weather was so pleasant riding home. It was quick. It felt good to get a little work out. This is def going to change my perspective on living here.