Kernel Brewery in London

Saturday tour of craft breweries in London

Map of my self guided craft brewery tour of london

One Saturday afternoon this March, me and a couple of friends (Thank you for planning, Anton!) tried to hit 8 craft breweries in London in one go. We headed south and walked between five breweries, then hopped on the tube to check out the last three. It was a lot of fun and we drank loads of good beer. Our map is above, but if it’s not quite your style, check out this even bigger and more complete map of all the breweries in London¬†and plan your own.

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Links Round Up

According to this article, Ken Grossman, the founder of the Sierra Nevada brewery, seems like a pretty great guy. He makes a wonderful product and seems to care about his company’s environmental impact and his employees. Their video of wort fermenting is pretty epic. Beer is alive!

Drones enabling super speedy package delivery – scary. Drones enabling beautiful aerial shots of surfing – epic.

And while we’re talking about amazing new views made possible by new technology. Check out this aerial shot filmed by an unknowing bird who picked up an “egg cam.”


Texas: Where to Eat in Oak Cliff

So I recently visited Texas for several weeks over the Christmas break to see my family. It was a lot of fun and included a lot of eating. A lot. Plus, much to my delight, my old neighborhood which was none too glamorous in my day, has experienced a wonderful revival and is now full of tasty and hip places to eat. Here are three of my recommendations for Oak Cliff dining.

Gloria’s – a Dallas institution. Spacious tables under moody lighting, delicious food, and awesome margaritas… yep, this place is trouble. The Oak Cliff location has plenty of local flavor being located in an old firehouse. The food is… well, possibly the best Tex-Mex ever, as well as a delicious sampling of Salvadorian! Their thin, crispy chips and tasty salsa cannot be beat. I make it a point to always come here when I am in Dallas. Beware the dangerously good margaritas. Very strong. Bonus – the Oak Cliff location has free valet parking!

Eno’s – The pizza shop in the Bishop’s Art District. Pretty much what you might expect for a classy pizza place: delicious flat bread creations as well as a stellar beer list, and a friendly staff, all at reasonable prices. They have loads of good vegetarian and meaty options to satisfy a mixed a crowd. They’ve got a rustic decor thing going on too with an antler chandelier, but it doesn’t feel put on, just hipster-cool.

The Belmont Hotel – my favorite place in my old ‘hood for a drink. They’ve got fancy things like cedar-infused tequila and more regular stuff like Lone Star and PBR. What really makes this place (in addition to proximity to my house!), is the beautiful view of downtown Dallas. If you ever get to stay here for the night, I highly recommend going to the pool which has an even better view than the bar!

Necessities for a mad genius

A friend who works in the film industry asked me to make him a custom tote bag to hang on his camera cart. And since I am back in New York for a hot second, it means I get to enjoy all the tools of a true mad genius – tiny pencils, double sided sewing tape, and Saranac beer. Bring on the custom orders!