Links Round Up

What I’ve been looking at online this week…

Feel like making things like this is somewhere in the near future for me…

This article in the NYTimes about making art for a living is super interesting. As I explore the idea (and consequences) of taking my own artwork more seriously, I wonder, how do artists make a living? What makes an audience member want to pay an artist? Are some of us more creative and insightful than others, such that we should pay those people to make art full time? Or is creating and making art such a fundamental part of everyone’s life that no one is paid to do it?

Just watched this sweet surfer movie with some pals this weekend.

PATAGONIA & NIXON present: COME HELL OR HIGH WATER (trailer) from NIXON Europe on Vimeo.

I’m a published artist!

The Sketchbook Project created a beautiful book with inspirations to get creative with pen and paper. It’s called The Sketchbook Project Journal. It’s got a lot of wonderful drawing exercises.

sketchbook project journal

They wrote to me a while back to say that my artwork had been included in the book. I figured it was one of those photo collages of a million pictures and didn’t think much of it. But I ordered the book this week and imagine my surprise to find, no, in fact they have actually used my artwork on the inside jacket!

My sketchbook (whose theme was “science projects gone wrong”) included a dissected robot drawing. Each page had a different layer of the robot’s interior (exoskeleton, circuits, circulatory system, etc.) as well as a hole in its chest so you could see through to its human heart that was on a page in the middle incased in plastic.

slbradley in the sketchbook project


I’m putting together a new portfolio website and I can’t wait to share more of the art in my sketchbook with you! Stay tuned…

Broken is beautiful: kintsugi

Consumerist values seem to have forgotten the aura of an object and beauty in flaws. If somethings broken, chuck it. Thankfully, not every culture is so driven by industrial perfection. Kintsugi is the art of fixing broken pottery, turning it into a new beautiful piece of art.

I’ve been meditating a lot on imperfection lately, especially in my own work, so when I saw this video, it really struck a chord. It was filmed here at Tokyobike in London (whose beautiful work I am also lusting after!).

If you’re ready to try your hand at saving your own broken dishes, check out the kintsugi kit at Humade.

New Art Inspirations

So much good stuff happening in the creative world lately. These 3D printing/drawing pens blow my mind. I want one! Unfortunately this one isn’t shipping until December, but I’ve just bought the 3Doodler and I cannot wait to get it. I have so many ideas for it.

This is so beautiful. Super inspiring in its emotion and technique. Good art.

And then there’s this guy who has really playful photography work called Moon Games. Some of it is really silly and some of it is quite poignent. Most if it just seems really fun.

Samantha Keely Smith‘s abstract ocean paintings just blow me away. They are so gorgeous. I want one for over my bed.

Samantha Keely Smith



Links Round Up

This links round-up post is dedicated to my brother, who sent me most of these links this week.

When he and I were kids, we used to write notes on the sugar packets in restaurants that said, “Help I’m trapped in a sugar factory!” as a joke. Turns out it’s not a joke. What kind of crazy world are we living in anyway?

Anyway, I had an incredible experience in human connection this past week that moved me to ask others for their stories about human connection, the universe, and the allness. My brother did not disappoint and gave me lots of interest things to look at too…

This RSAnimates video talks about mirror neurons. When we perform an action, our brain goes through a lot of complex processes. Turns out, when we watch someone do the same action, our brain still does the same processes even though we aren’t doing the action ourselves, ergo, empathy is hard wired into our brains. That’s pretty awesome. The video suggests this is a very good thing for our philosophical/cultural evolution. Just watch it:

I’m so excited about all the ways we are going to be making music in the near future. Like with these gloves. If I had any talent for making melodies, I would buy these immediately. I would love to give a dance/song performance with these. If I know any composers who want a dancer to collaborate with, I’m volunteering!

Relationships are hard. Do any of us have faith in monogamy anymore? Suggested reading from a confessed polyamorist I know: The Ethical Slut 

Also, unrelated to my brother, but I loved reading about this artist’s experience in a co-op bed-and-breakfast run by artists. What a good idea! Who wants to do it with me?