Oxford: a delightful surprise

We went to see an old friend near Oxford a few weekends back and ended up having a day to wind around the lanes in town. Cobbled streets, old stone buildings, everything with gargoyles and spiny crowned churches – all delightful in the sunshine we got.

christ church oxford door


Ahh Paris. Is there any place like it? I have been as a teenager, a university student, and now a young adult. I definitely like Paris more with each visit. It is so beautiful!

A few weeks ago, I took the train over to Paris for work and stayed with one of my best friends from university who now lives there. It was such fun to catch up with her and revisit this elegant city.

My pal was kind enough to meet me at the train station and bring me back to her delightful apartment.


Her apartment is just big enough for her and her man plus a visiting friend. She’s has excellent style, so it looks great, filled with small touches that really make the place feel like a home. And what a hostess! She had a baguette and cheese waiting as a midnight snack. Yessss!


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