Storing Luggage at Penn Station

Luggage storage options in NYC seem a bit of mystery these days. If you are going to be in the city for a chunk of time and don’t want to drag your bags around with you, just store your bags and luggage at the Amtrak luggage check-in point at Penn Station. They accept bags from ticketed NJ Transit and Amtrak customers (though they didn’t ask to see my ticket) for $5.50 a bag per 24 hour period.

It’s easiest to find if you enter the station at 31st Street and 8th Avenue. Look for the Amtrak Baggage and Parcel Check-In area. It will be on your right after the stairs if you enter here. Look for the desk marked “Luggage Check-In Parcel Check.”

It shouldn’t be so tricky to find out this information, but I was told the wrong details by Penn Station employees twice! An Amtrak information desk employee and a generic Penn Station information desk employee both told me Penn Station does not have any luggage storage, though the generic info desk lady told there is one for Amtrak customers only. They both pointed me towards a more expensive, independent business down the road who had left flyers for them. Le sigh. Ahh well, here are the details for your next trip anyway!