Links Round Up

What I have been looking at online this week…

Being one with the ocean is an incredible feeling. But it’s also terrifying. Its beauty and flow can easily turn into crushing, breath-taking energy. I’ve never managed to get my courage up enough to try surfing on a real wave, so I have nothing but mad respect for this unreal up-and-comer, a six year old shredder, Quincy Symonds, who is taking the surfing world by storm!

My new role model.

The London Film Festival is coming in October. There are so many good things to see, I’m having trouble deciding on what to go to.

Some new studies of Viking burials have revealed that half their warriors were ladies! OMG WHUT?

Pressure Drop is my favourite locally made beer in London. It can be hard to find though, so I was pretty excited to find this map on their site!

I have to admit, I had this same reaction to marmite…

Broken is beautiful: kintsugi

Consumerist values seem to have forgotten the aura of an object and beauty in flaws. If somethings broken, chuck it. Thankfully, not every culture is so driven by industrial perfection. Kintsugi is the art of fixing broken pottery, turning it into a new beautiful piece of art.

I’ve been meditating a lot on imperfection lately, especially in my own work, so when I saw this video, it really struck a chord. It was filmed here at Tokyobike in London (whose beautiful work I am also lusting after!).

If you’re ready to try your hand at saving your own broken dishes, check out the kintsugi kit at Humade.