Creative Adventurers: Laura Ifill

a life at sea

Laura Ifill, a sailor and writer, is our latest creative adventurer

Build a home or seek an adventure?

We ate a fine stew that night, cleaning our bowls with the cook’s home made bread. There was even butter, a rare treat at sea. I remember us all huddled in groups on the cabin top and about the deck. Our smiles and laughter were over steaming bowls as the sun began its slow descent off the starboard beam. The weather had broken and three days of gale force winds and heavy seas were over. The rain had been relentless, and seas of 10-12ft were the biggest many of us had ever seen.  Looking over the rail as the ship began its slide down the face of a wave, it seemed an endless Continue reading

Creative Adventurers: Jennifer Lynn Morse

Creative adventurers are artists and makers who do more than sit in the studio. In this monthly feature, I’ll introduce you to an inspiring person who pushes beyond the bounds of the label “artist” or “adventurer.”

Photography is a pretty ubiquitous art form these days. Everyone has a camera and everyone takes pictures. But in an age of millions of digital snaps, Jennifer Lynn Morse takes a different approach. She creates timeless works on film, often using techniques first invented and perfected during the early years of photography.

jennifer lynn morse behind the camera

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