Full Moon Creativity

The full moon this weekend really sparked my creative drive. Got a bunch of drawings done. Here are my favourite two:

pink mandala by slbradley teal mandala with triangles by slbradley

I also tried to make a pair of panties out of some new silk I bought recently. But it’s proving trickier than I anticipated to work with…

I’m a published artist!

The Sketchbook Project created a beautiful book with inspirations to get creative with pen and paper. It’s called The Sketchbook Project Journal. It’s got a lot of wonderful drawing exercises.

sketchbook project journal

They wrote to me a while back to say that my artwork had been included in the book. I figured it was one of those photo collages of a million pictures and didn’t think much of it. But I ordered the book this week and imagine my surprise to find, no, in fact they have actually used my artwork on the inside jacket!

My sketchbook (whose theme was “science projects gone wrong”) included a dissected robot drawing. Each page had a different layer of the robot’s interior (exoskeleton, circuits, circulatory system, etc.) as well as a hole in its chest so you could see through to its human heart that was on a page in the middle incased in plastic.

slbradley in the sketchbook project


I’m putting together a new portfolio website and I can’t wait to share more of the art in my sketchbook with you! Stay tuned…