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I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, bred with an undeniable love of horses and big skies. I came to appreciate the mountains and forests after moving to New York’s Hudson Valley for university. Its bucolic landscapes and crafty people made it nearly impossible for me to leave. For ten years, I learned, worked, adventured, sailed, ate, and laughed along side an inspiring community of makers and dreamers.

As 2012 wound down, it seemed the Mayans were right. It was the end of an era in so many ways. I found myself faced with lots of big decisions and big moments that would define my future.

At the end of January, my job took me to a new town, London. The change was stark, and confronted with bleak skies and the anonymity of a big city, I felt myself slipping into depression. Fortunately making was always there for me. The more I was creative, the better I felt. As I started getting back into my crafty ways, I felt my energy returning. That old cliche, “make or break,” felt like the theme of my life in so many ways.

These days I’m loving London more than ever and learning how to import all those missed country elements into a city life. Follow along as I make a lovely life in London, full of making, adventure, sailing, gardening, good people, and good finds.

Check out more of my artwork at my artist portfolio site: slbradley.com

Purchase my river silhouette art work on paper or on an organic cotton pocket square from my online brand, north river.

image credit: Will Billany

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