Starting a practice

This week in our yoga workshop, we talked more about resistance. They are teaching us all these funny exercises and asking us to do them everyday and almost no one is excited about doing it. We all signed up to learn these things, but actually changing our routines?? Why do we resist the things we know will be good for us?

What was most interesting to me was the idea that your discomfort and resistance can coexist with your action. It sounds obvious, but I suppose I’d always thought I needed to get rid of my discomfort and resistance to do something. I would say, ok I don’t want to do this, but I will. I’ll put aside that resistance and just get it done. My action was a contradiction to the resistance, an overcoming, something to put away and climb over to be a good person.

I really love the idea from our workshop that this martyrdom isn’t necessary to help you do the action. You can feel the resistance and also do the action. You don’t need a “but” and you don’t need to resist the resistance. You feel the resistance, and you also do the thing.

I feel so much more open to feeling that resistance and discomfort, knowing I can feel those things and also do the action at the same time. It also somehow makes me more open to doing the thing knowing I don’t have to do it with my 110% attitude on. It’s enough to show up and do it.

I was talking to Pat about it this week and he shared a similar mantra he’d heard in a yoga class, “When you want to leave the pose, the practice starts.”