Music: Stolen Jars

Such a beautiful poem in the lyrics of this Stolen Jar’s song that popped up on my “discover weekly” mix on Spotify:

In miles I’m home
where things I’d prized, stacked pegs and wire that I’d called mine
who knew I was so blue at age 5, standing tall among the vines of a small tinted window.

I remember
the nose of
a donkey I knew when
I was a girl wanting
to warm the noses of donkeys

I remember the
wools and the wetnesses, and his long jowl under my arm

I remember the
cross across his back, black, and thinking oh that’s where that
comes from

I loved him for coldness of nose, willingness to be warmed
I loved him for the purpose he gave me, willingness to be loved

if I am warm, let me warm you. if I am willing, let me do.

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