Journey into Household Set Up Part II

Or how do I not buy all the things?

The last few weeks, it’s been my mission to make my new place into my home. I’ve done things like bundle up herbs from the garden, pot plants, and buy a lot of second hand treasures. I’ve run all over Melbourne on a grand pick up adventure, and I’ve finally compiled most of the essentials!

Things I have bought so far:

Cane garden chair ($25) – the Uber driver said it was worth $10 and I was I was like, dude, cane chairs are really hot right now.

Second hand Ikea Chair ($50) – half price! I think they wanted to get rid of it because they never got the cover on right. Honestly.

Second hand Ikea Couch ($350) – half price again. Planning on getting those mid-century legs that make your couch look super fancy instead of Ikea-like. Feel like this was a great bargain even if it does smell like tacos.

Mountain Painting ($50) – totally sweet framed print of a Cascade Mountain landscape painting from another couple on the move.

living room

The lounge still needs a rug, which is on order from Etsy and should be here in about a month, and a good blanket. I’ve been hoping to find a dark blue wool one at an op shop, but no luck yet. This is what I really want, but I gotta save up.

6 House Plants ($120) – nice Melbourne based company that delivers for free. And they had ferns on sale. Got a monster one for $25!

2 second hand Cacti ($35) – which then became 3 because one arm broke off in transit. We’ll see how good I am at propagating…

A pink and cream floral print on a board ($5) – with a cute little hummingbird. Makes me think of my mum and matches my kitchen perfectly.

floral picture and cacti

7 second hand Outdoor plants ($60) – this was meant to be 3, but the nice old couple who was selling them had sold their house and were so delighted I was just moving to Australia they gave me several “welcome” presents including two dishes of succulents, a bonsai tree, and a hanging planter.

1 glass vase ($5) – found at the Sacred Heart Op Shop

1 mini ceramic pitcher ($5) – found at Mrs Secondhand, immediately filled with the dry flowers I saved from our work event two weeks ago.

op shop ceramic vase and dried flowers

1 ceramic mug ($.50) – found at an Op Shop in Brunswick. The bottom says Tasmania. This is now my favourite mug (drinking tea from it as I write).

op shop ceramic mug with tea

6 gold rimmed, rainbow-tinted drinking glasses ($12) – found at the Richmond Salvo

1 gold rimmed cocktail glass ($2) – Richmond Salvo

2 floral plates ($4) – Richmond Salvo

White ceramic pitcher ($4) – Richmond Salvo

Hand blown green glass vase ($2) – from an op shop

op shop ceramic vase and dried flowers

Basket ($3) – a little broken but still cute from the Richmond Salvo

White ceramic mug with a floral design ($2) – from an op shop in Brunswick

Grey bath mat ($2) – from the Richmond salvo

Vintage, pink plaid wool blanket ($10) – from the Richmond salvo

Cane dining room table and chairs ($60) – cannot believe how cheap this was. The guy thought it was ugly garbage, but it’s in perfect shape and suits my pseudo-70’s vibe perfectly.

Two bentwood cane stools ($55) – from a lady in Surry Hills of eBay. They make a nice addition to my kitchen bar.

2 ceramic hands ($8) – holding the candles in the bottom photo. Found at Mrs Secondhand.

Gold dipped glass vases ($30) – pretty price, but I couldn’t resist. Op shop in Abbotsford

gold dipped 70's vases

I didn’t meant to end up with so many vases and ceramics, but it just kind of happens. I walk into an op shop or Salvo and quickly see they don’t have the piece of furniture I want. But it feels like a wasted trip to just leave again, so I end up poking around the other homewares and then leave with a million bits of glass and ceramics…

I’m starting to understand why so many friends have vintage shops on Etsy! The thrill of the hunt! It feels good to be finding cute things of quality that are not brand new as well. There is more than enough stuff already in the world.

I felt like I was doing pretty well until I visited a friend’s home at the weekend. Her place truly feels homey and has all the nice touches of a place that is well loved and lived in. It made me realise how sparse my place still feels, but I know it will come with time. And getting the rest of my things from London in a few weeks will help too, especially the art!

What makes your place feel like a home?