Australia Trip

I went to Australia!

It’s so early, the sun’s rays are not even creeping over the eastern most edge of the UK yet. I just heard the first bird song of the day. Jet lag does have some bonuses.

I’m just back from a fabulous two week trip to Australia where I spent 10 days in Melbourne, two in Sydney and two in the Blue Mountains. It was wonderful to step outside my comfort zone and get to know a new city, culture, and people.

Where I stayed in Melbourne surprised me by looking very much like Texas. Fitzroy hosts 1850’s gold rush era architecture with square fronted buildings and wide porches covering the pavement. Fitzroy Melbourne Australia

Most of the roads are only a lane or two and there are loads of cyclists and cycle parking around the neighbourhood. There’s independent shops everywhere and really great bars and restaurants, including heaps of veggie options.

It’s only a few tram stops from the city centre (CBD), which is also easily walkable.  It makes it feel very much like a small city even though it’s home to more than 4 million people.

Sydney certainly had a different vibe – very much more a big city. It was also much hotter and sunnier, with big towering buildings closing in the sky. My colleagues kindly took me on a beach escape to do the Bondi walk, which was lovely.

bondi beach walk

Melbourne and Sydney were both lovely places and Melbourne definitely captured my heart. The real adventure came when I ventured out of the cities, though and headed down the Great Ocean Road and then again into the Blue Mountains.