5 Goals for 2015

I love making goal lists, even if I’m not great at adhering to them… Instead of 52 things, I’m keeping the 2015 list short and sweet: five goals for 2015.

1. Keep traveling

On the books this year is 2 weeks in America in Jan/Feb. I’m also cooking up a week long sailing trip in July along the Croatia coast to celebrate my 30th (eeck)! There’s been some talk of New Zealand and South America too, plus loads of lil escapes around the UK. There’s much to explore!

2. Learn some new skillz

I’d really like to get my day skipper and/or my diving certification soon. I’m also plunging into making my own soap and cosmetics. And I hope I’ll learn a new chord or song along the way too. But more than a specific skill, I just want to stay curious and interested.

3. Stay grounded

I’ve been flirting with meditation and a more dedicated yoga practice the last few months, and I’d really like to make a solid commitment to being grounded through those practices. It hasn’t been straightforward because I haven’t found a place to do those things in London yet, but my goal is to find a good yoga home and get stuck in.

4. Continue making

Being creative is so fulfilling. I find inspiration waxes and wanes, but I want to set a goal to keep making no matter what. My drawing practice is getting more consistent and I’d really like to get more serious about writing too. I was thinking I would try to put on my own exhibit in late spring, but am not feeling as drawn to it at the moment. I think more than exhibiting, I would like to focus on making work. It’s exciting to get back into video work and to be interested in new mediums like watercolour and plaster.

5. Consume consciously

I want to pay attention to what my money is supporting and what resources I am consuming. In particular, I’m trying to buy clothes of quality and reduce my plastic consumption. I’d also love to learn some more vegan recipes and continue to eat mostly vegetarian.

What are your goals for 2015?

drawing by slbradley