Will and I took a long weekend trip to Iceland over Halloween. He has been interested in doing some experiments with more creative work and I was all too happy to oblige. I wrote up a quick list of possible shots and a short poem while he packed up about 50 pounds of gear. “Isn’t this just a little experiment?” I asked, exasperated by the amount of stuff he was bringing. “It has to look good,” was his only reply.

Well give the man credit where credit is due. He did some trickery with his Canon 7D so that it could shoot raw and the results were pretty awesome. Here are a couple of ungraded stills from what he shot:

black sand beach in Iceland hair close up black sand beach with icebergs in iceland

We are still talking about the best way to put it together and finish it, but I will be really excited to share what we come up with! Check out more of his work at trunk films.

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