Links Round Up

What I’ve been looking at online this week…

I’m fresh back from a lil microadventure weekend to Cornwall to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. Who knew the UK was full of such beautiful beaches? We had an awesome surf adventure and it was such a good reminder that you don’t need to take any time off to have a great mini adventure. I think Alastair Humphreys would agree.

I’m loving getting lost in the Do Blog/Magazine. They do great round ups of other folk’s writing on people DOing great things. Great place to go to get inspired for a trip, making art, or doing a good deed.

This is old, but always worth a watch; Overview Effect of seeing the planet from space. We are all one!

Been wandering around this new content platform, Medium, made by the creators of Blogger. I have high hopes; it’s an open, online magazine that focuses on great writing. This some great powerful stuff from outsider voices like this piece.

And finally a video from the Hiut Jean makers here in the UK. Their town used to make jeans, but the factory closed. These guys are bringing it back. I love the idea of sustainable, handcrafted production with quality materials. I would love to spend a little bit more money to buy something that really lasts, that isn’t planned to wear out in six months. Makes me want to do a post every month on what I’ve bought…