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What I’ve been looking at online this week…

The Guardian recently reported on some Australian research that shows older research that predicted economic and environmental collapse in the 21st century is right on track. It seems like massive change is unavoidable at this point. People and governments are not convinced of the problem strongly enough to warrant immediate, big lifestyle changes, so we’ll continue to head towards a path of uncertain environmental (and therefore everything else) consequences. I think lots of people who think this way too are turning their attention to adaptation and how to survive in unpredictable and highly dynamic environments. For me, I wonder what is the best way to prepare. To buy a house or to buy a boat?

Some people think praying is stupid. They prefer direct, physical action, spoken words, and a game plan. But thoughts have power too. Whether you call them prayers or simple focus or intention, the mind is a powerful thing. Never thought Andrew W K of all people would be so eloquent on the topic, but indeed he is!

I love these tights! Wish they were still for sale…

Some of my very talented ole buds from university are making a really funny movie – a psychedelic retelling of a Christmas Story. Check out their video and send ’em some dough!


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  1. Suggest you get together with some buds and build a BIG boat.
    Make sure it has a big cargo deck that can hold two of every animal you can round up ………………..

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