I find creativity comes in oscillations between production and consumption. May was an incredibly inspired month where I got so much shit done!

I began taking myself seriously as an artist for the first time in a number of years. I have tapped into a stream of creativity that I had been ignoring, and it feels so good and right to be in the flow of my natural talents again. Ideas come fast and furious, and in May I successfully harnessed a lot of them into real projects.

I got screens made for some of my artwork and printed the first round of river silhouettes. I photographed both the prints and handkerchiefs and started my online shop, Cry Me A River, where I’ve already had a few sales!

I also continued working on my mandala drawing series and began working with a 3D pen to transform them into more physically-present objects. I registered for the Jerwood Drawing competition and set up my artist portfolio website too.

I was also extremely productive in my job. I helped put on two major events and was on the team that put together our very first TV ad!

May was also the one year anniversary of my blog, and I managed to post something nearly every day!


So now we’re into June. June has definitely been a lot quieter and more consumptive. Taking some time to recharge. Had a few sad things happen that I am sitting patiently with. Alas, it means less blog posting. But don’t fear – I will come around to another productive point and have loads to share with you.

I’ll leave you with this song from John Wizards, a South African musician I recently found. I love how his music sounds poppy but feels orchestral with movements and progressions and layered compositions. Plus the guitar wailing in this one is just too good.