New Art Inspirations

So much good stuff happening in the creative world lately. These 3D printing/drawing pens blow my mind. I want one! Unfortunately this one isn’t shipping until December, but I’ve just bought the 3Doodler and I cannot wait to get it. I have so many ideas for it.

This is so beautiful. Super inspiring in its emotion and technique. Good art.

And then there’s this guy who has really playful photography work called Moon Games. Some of it is really silly and some of it is quite poignent. Most if it just seems really fun.

Samantha Keely Smith‘s abstract ocean paintings just blow me away. They are so gorgeous. I want one for over my bed.

Samantha Keely Smith



2 thoughts on “New Art Inspirations

  1. Most defiantly need one of those 3d drawing pens, would make getting ideas out of the brain box so much easier/fun, maybe even fun for clients to get involved with durning commission process . Thanks, mat hibbert designs

  2. Ooo great idea! I hadn’t thought of that. Mine is due to arrive any day now – yay!

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