Music: Ben Frost

I’m very lucky to have interesting friends and acquaintances. One of them recently introduced me to the work of Ben Frost, an Australian composer and producer now based in Iceland who creates experimental music. Not all of it is as dreamy as what I’ve posted above, but I find this style of his music is a perfect compliment to make art to or meditate.

I’ve been reading “The Artist’s Way” with a dear friend and have again been introduced to the idea that creating is a spiritual act. By whatever name you choose to call the universal energy (“God” or otherwise), it is undoubtedly a creative force (what has it not created afterall?). Being creative means tapping into that flow. All that to say, it’s no surprise that music for one fits music for the other.

If you’re in London next weekend, go check out Ben and my buddy Greg playing at Village Underground on the 26th.