Himmeli Planters

himmeli air plant holder with spanish moss

A few weeks back, I put together a tutorial on how to make your own himmeli. These beautiful, geometric sculptures were originally created out of straw and meant as Christmas decorations. Their simple elegance is beautiful all year round though, and they make a wonderful addition anywhere you hang them.

I went a step further and bought a few air plants to put in them this past week. I got three different types. Here a small Ionantha Fuego Clump finds a new home in my triangular himmeli design.

himmeli air planter

The spanish moss (aka Usneoides) also works beautifully! I got a big clump of it and separated it into a few bits. The little arms are happy to wrap around the himmeli straws or just hang out on their own. 

himmeli air planter with spanish moss

I also got a Bergeri (not pictured) which is quite at home as well. I def recommend adding air plants to your himmeli. They are easy to care for because they just need a spritzing each week. There are also air plant fertilizer sprays you can use once a month. They do appreciate a soaking once a month too, but that’s pretty much all the care they require. 

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