Garden Update

In my new house in Clapton, I have a sweet lil garden. It wasn’t very well tended, but I went in this past weekend and cleaned it up! I weeded the sunny portion and cleared out all the garbage and broken glass.

spring in my english garden

I’ve also planted my birthday strawberries (pressie from my lovely aunt) and a tomato along side seeds for beans, peas, basil, kale, marigolds, borage, and nasturtium. I’ve also got a window sill box full of lettuce.

Hope I haven’t been too optimistic and jumped the gun… We shall see!

One thought on “Garden Update

  1. Looks amazing! I recently did some gardening for the first time myself and it’s so calming! 🙂 Let us know how it goes! I haven’t tried to grow any food yet, but would love to try.

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