Brooke Road in Clapton

I’ve moved to Clapton, a changing neighborhood in the North East of London. It’s just north of Hackney and east of Stoke Newington. Being super close to these two neighborhoods, means you are only ever a 10 minute walk away from the cool London favourites of those areas. Luckily, you don’t even have to walk to find great food and interesting shops. Clapton has plenty of its own!

Maeve’s Kitchen (which promises “stews and brews”) is delicious, contemporary, farm-to-table type cooking. I’ve been missing this kind of cooking since leaving the Hudson Valley. Turns out, it’s alive and well in East London and I’m so pleased a place that does it so well is a 5 minute walk from my house! They’ve got good beer and really tasty meals. I had the butternut squash and goat cheese risotto. It did not disappoint. East London is full of great food like this, and I can’t wait to try it all.

Clapton is considered an “up and coming” neighborhood by some and “already over” by others. It’s the kind of place that can have a sweet, tree-lined street one block (see photo above) and a row of houses with dissolving brick facades and garbage in their gardens on the next. The high street has a check cashing place and a betting lounge sandwiched around an artisan sourdough pizza place. It’s hard to deny the neighborhood is being gentrified, and it feels like I am a part of that. But that’s an entirely other post!

I find it has more of a residential feel than the rest of Hackney, which means it feels a bit homier. Cats, like Benji here, feel quite welcome to sleep on the street as they please; I like the relaxed vibe.

benji the cat of clapton

Moss covers moistened bits of the brick wall at the Clapton train station. 
Clapton Station


Our house has beautiful moldings and a gorgeous (working!), marble fire place.

living room

We are still working on getting the right furniture and art work in, but I’m so pleased to have moved to this lovely neighborhood with great flat mates!