Paris Market Finds

Europeans just have better junk than Americans.

I enjoy thrifting and market-going, but I have to say, it’s just so much easier to find great, old stuff in European markets than it is in America. In America, “old” is so new, it’s not uncommon to go to a flea market only to find yesterday’s junk instead of vintage treasures. In Europe, however, “old” really means something.

My best friend for university lives in Paris now and I was lucky enough to sneak in a quick visit on a 24 hour work trip a few weeks ago. We went to a Sunday market that had set up on a street near Montmarte and I found a super cute set of brass bucks for a bargain price!

vintage brass deer from a parisian market

They are so cute! I was going to set up a vintage shop on Etsy and include these guys, but I like them so much, I’m having a hard time putting them up for sale. I do like the idea though… if I opened a vintage shop, then I could go to markets every weekend, buy amazing things, and get to share them with those who aren’t quite as close to the treasure trove of European markets! Stay tuned…