Markthalle in Kreuzberg, Berlin

markthalle neun kruezberg berlin

I was in Berlin a few weeks ago for a big work project. I love spending time there! Berlin buzzes with freedom. I love it.

My colleagues suggested we check out the Markthalle Neun for dinner when we arrived on Thursday. Boy oh boy, was this a good suggestion. If you are in Berlin on a Thursday, do yourself a favour and go here.

The market hall is full of food and beverage vendors, each more delightful than the last. I had a hard time settling on what to eat as there was everything from the usual types of exotic cultural sensations like puffy-pastry Korean taco looking things to more classical European fare like amazing crepes and breads. At the suggestion of my other vegetarian colleague, I went for a fried tofu burger that came with sprouts and avocado standard along with a mango chutney and a peanut sauce. It was amazing.

Although that filled me right up, I had to go back for more. There was just too much good food to stop. I figured a waffle would be the best possible next course of action, so I also ordered (and devoured) a fresh made waffle topped in heavenly vanilla ice cream.

Seriously, if you are near Kreuzberg on a Thursday night, do not miss the street food market at Markthalle!

If you stick around for the weekend, consider doing Emily’s walking tour of Kreuzberg!

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