Death Penalty

If you read anything online this week, consider spending some time with this.

It’s a letter written by a man about to be executed by the state of Texas.

Growing up in Texas, I never questioned the death penalty much. It was presented to me as a punishment for Really Bad People. People who did things so bad, to kill them would be the only humane thing to do. They could not function in society. These were people who were compulsive murderers, who had no empathy, who had forgotten what it was to be human.

Turns out, it’s not really that simple.

Living in the northeast for many years and now in Europe, the death penalty isn’t something that’s brought to my attention all that much. This letter truly gives you pause, no matter what side of the death penalty debate you fall on.

Once you’re done with that letter, read this one.

This is a letter written by the victim’s brother.