A Walking Tour of Kreuzberg with Berlino Vintage

I am in Berlin this week for work (lucky me!!). I love Berlin because it is filled with big spaces, mixed architecture, public art, and a seemingly endless supply of interesting, young people. It feels so full of possibility and freedom. My colleague and vintage shopper extraordinaire, Emily of Berlino Vintage, takes us on a walking tour of her neighborhood, Kreuzberg!

kreuzberg walking tour map

I’m taking you on a nice Saturday walk through my Berlin neighborhood (I recommend doing this on a Saturday, because of the fleamarket. Also shops are closed on Sundays). I was born and raised in Berlin – something that you’ll not find that often – and have been living in Kreuzberg since 2007. Kreuzberg is quite a big district. It’s divided into two parts: Kreuzberg 36 and 61. The numbers stem from the old postal codes of those areas (i.e. 1000 Berlin 36). Kreuzberg 61 is the part I will walk with you.

Let’s start at Marheinekeplatz. Take the subway U7 and get off at “Gneisenaustraße“, take the exit “Mittenwalder Straße“ and walk down that street towards Marheinekeplatz. On the left side of the square you’ll see a wonderful church, the Passionskirche. It’s not only a church, but also hosts concerts and other cultural events from time to time.
Passionskirche in Kreuzberg

If you need a coffee, you should check out Chapter One at Mittenwalder Straße 30. It’s a super cute little coffee shop that specializes in slow brew coffee.

After you’ve had a nice cup of coffee, it’s time to visit the little flea market that takes place every Saturday on Marheinekeplatz. You can find everything from clothing to books to awesome vintage objects.

Marheinekeplatz market in Kreuzberg

If you are hungry, visit the indoor market in Marheineke Markthalle. It’s a place where you’ll see tons of people do their weekend shopping, but many of the stalls also serve lunch.

Now we’ll be walking down the main road of this neighborhood: Bergmannstraße. There are many cafés, little shops and restaurants down Bergmannstraße. It’s also worth peeking into the side streets (Nostizstraße, Solmsstraße). Take your time, visit the boutiques and make your way towards Mehringdamm, the big crossing street. Cross Mehringdamm and Bergmannstraße will now be called Kreuzbergstraße.

Mehringdamm and Bergmannstraße

Walk down Kreuzbergstraße until you get to the corner of Großbeerenstraße.

If you are in need of a coffee, a snack or just a break, visit “Vereinszimmer“ on the corner. It’s a cozy Italian place with a great selection of sandwiches, cake and lunch. In the summer time it’s a popular spot to sit in the sun.

Vereinszimmer in Kreuzberg

Across the road from Vereinszimmer, you’ll see the reason why this district is called Kreuzberg (Kreuz = cross & Berg = mountain). The memorial on top of so called Viktoriapark was created in the 19th century by famous Prussian architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. In summer you’ll also be able to enjoy the waterfall that’s part of the park.

Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg

Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg

Take a stroll through the park and make your way up. It’s a beautiful view and you can see from Potsdamer Platz to the TV tower at Alexanderplatz.

If you are still up for walking you can take a side exit of the park and stroll around the streets parallel to Bergmannstraße. The buildings are amazing. Most of them were build in the 1880s and because some of the streets have no or few trees, the atmosphere of those streets is very special.

kreuzberg architecture

Make your way to Chamissoplatz, on Saturdays you can find an organic farmers market till 2pm.

Now down the hill towards Bergmannstraße again. You will reach the subway entrance of “Gneisenaustraße” by walking down Zossener Straße.

I hope you’ll enjoy this little stroll! I definitely encourage you to visit side streets and backyards along the way!

Have fun in Berlin and leave a comment about your favorite spots in the city!


Thank you, Emily! Check out Emily’s vintage treasures from Berlin in her Etsy shop, Berlino Vintage