Vegan Valentines – Peppermint Candy Hearts for your sweetie

vegan candy hearts

Valentines Day is a wonderful excuse to make super cute things for people you love. I was thinking about making my own conversation hearts, but I really don’t like the way they taste. Then I found this super cute peppermint candy how-to over on the Etsy blog! It was a great start, but I wanted to see if I could make it vegan. Turns out, yes you can!

vegan candy hearts for valentines day

So how to make the candy?

To make the candy, you will need:

2 tablespoons cold water
1/5 Tbsp agar powder (vegan gelatin)
1/3 cup egg replacement powder
1 1/2 cups confectioners’ sugar
2 teaspoons peppermint extract
1-2 cups flour
Cookie cutters

  1. Add the cold water and agar powder together.
  2. Combine the egg replacement powder and sugar together, breaking up any sugar lumps.
  3. Pour in the water/agar mix and the peppermint oil in with the dry ingredients.
  4. Stir together. It will make a thick paste.
  5. Add flour (likely at least half a cup) until the paste becomes a dough.
  6. Once you can form the dough between your hands without it sticking to you, lay it out on floured (or sugared) parchment paper. Sprinkle on another layer of flour or sugar on top and put over another sheet of parchment paper on the top. The roll out the dough between the sheets.
  7. Roll out the dough to between 1/8″ and 1/4″ thick.
  8. Use your cookie cutters to stamp out the hearts. I used three different sizes.
  9. Combine the left overs into a new dough ball and repeat the roll/stamp process.
  10. Leave out the hearts on a plate or in a tupperware and let them dry over night.

diy candy hearts for valentinesvegan candy hearts peppermint hearts for valentines

So cute! Very tasty and adorable looking hearts for Valentine’s Day!

I chose to decorate my candy hearts with baking pens. They are a sort of marker with edible ink (yummy e numbers!). The pens I got claimed you could do fine detail with them, but let me tell you, it ain’t easy. I was planning to write cute phrases on the hearts, but they are just too dang small for the width of the markers.

writing on candy hearts

I ended up opting for mostly stripes and simple designs.

diy conversation hearts

I did a few larger hearts as well, but they are taking a longer time drying. Hopefully they will be ready in time for Valentine’s Day!

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